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PPTP and NAT (but it isn't the usual question)

Hi all,

at home I've a Cisco 827-4V router with 12.2(8)T4 IOS version. It's connected to an ADSL line and my ISP assigns to it a dynamic address.

As I have three PC which need to connect to the Internet, I configured the router to perform overloaded NAT.

This way, PPTP connections to my office VPN server, do not work.

If I configure a static nat between the "inside global" address and one of the "inside local" addresses, connections work perfectly.

But there are two problems with this configuration:

1) The inside global address is dynamic: so everytime I've to change the "ip nat inside source static" statement.

2) Just one PC at a time (the static natted one) can establish a PPTP connection.

Is there any solution to allow all my three PC to connect to the PPTP VPN server simultaneously?


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Re: PPTP and NAT (but it isn't the usual question)

Here's a link on setting up PPTP through PAT

There is a sample config for the client and server side... but I would suggest that you don't use "permit ip any any" for NAT. I've run into alot of problems when NAT was set up this way. Specify your internal network in the acl rather than using any.

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