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PPTP Connection to a PIX 515

I want to setup my PIX so I can VPN into the PIX and gain access to internal network resources.

We have an odd set up as there are 3 interfaces on the PIX. Inside, Outside and VPN.

We just added the VPN ethernet card to the pix.

Right now, our inside interface is setup with a network. The external (public) uses static (one to one) nat to translate from public address to private.

In addition to resources that are on that network, we also have a subnet in which we now need to have access to. So, we added a new card and gave it an address on the subnet so we can gain access to those resources from the pix. Both the and the subnets are physically seperated via a switch.

When I VPN into the pix, i want to have access to the network. Right now, I can connect fine...but can't ping any of those resources...nor can i ping the PIX. im sure its an ACL issue but i can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks for your help...the config is attached.


Re: PPTP Connection to a PIX 515

Check your routing. Can you ping from the PIX to your inside resources? How does your "show route" output look like? Does the PIX know how to reach the destination?

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