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PPTP Fails with Error 735

I am having trouble connecting a Windows 2000 Professional SP2 machine via PPTP to a Cisco 3015 VPN Concentrator (3.1). I am successfully authenicated, and right after the computer displays "Registering Computer on Network" I get an error stating "TCP/IP CP reported error 735. The requested address was rejected by the server." I have all of my DUN connections set to use DHCP, so I don't understand why the error refers to a "requested address." Nothing appears in the Windows 2000 event log or the VPN Concentrator logs.

I have installed the Cisco VPN Client, version 3.5.2(C), but the service is disabled to allow the native Windows 2000 PPTP to work. PPTP to other servers works fine from this machine.

Thanks for everyone's help.

New Member

Re: PPTP Fails with Error 735


In your VPN 3015 box, check following settings:

Configuration | System | Address Management | Assignment

Are you using address pool or DHCP ? ( I assume that you are using address pool , that is the simple way to make it working at first).

Then goto "Configuration | System | Address Management | Assignment"

define a address pool that, it should be working fine.

One more thing, Cisco VPN client will not diable PPTP service. Because in our lab, all the test PCs installed different versions Cisco VPN client and also using PPTP, all working fine.

Best Regards,

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Re: PPTP Fails with Error 735

We are using address pools, and have a pool assigned in Configuration | System | Address Management | Pools. Under Configuration | System | Address Management | Assignment, Use Address Pools is the only option checked.

I probably should mention that using the Cisco VPN Client, I get connected just fine, and the address assignment works there, so it doesn't look like address assignment is an issue.

Cisco Employee

Re: PPTP Fails with Error 735

Hi Bill,

Also kindly make sure that you have selected the right checkbox under the Address Assignment. It goes from top to bottom on the list, so make sure you have only the one checked which you want to use or it may just be failing due to that aswell.

Hope this helps,




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