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New Member

pri calling multiple bri sites

I have a pri at the head office and bri's at the remote offices..From the

pri, I wil call the remote sites..I have a bunch of 130 remote sites..

i)I can configure a dialer profile for each remote site but I wonder if there is a dynamic way of doing this, ie, virtual profile from AAA or a vtemplate..caus,when the remote site calls in to the pri, I can do this, I clone the virtual access interfaces from virtual profiles on the AAA..

ii) if this is not possible, should I be using legacy ddr with dialer map statements for each remote site..?

if I define a load threshold for the pri,all remotes will be called once it exceeds the value I give right? Since legacy ddr treats the pri as a single interface, I will not be able to define specific properties for the remote sites..??

with legacy ddr, I can not use MPPP right?


Re: pri calling multiple bri sites

You only need to consider AAA if you

have per-user requirements; in that case

you want to use Large Scale Dialout.


If you don't have per-user requirements, the

easiest may be to have a dialer map for

each remote you want to dial. These users

can still dial into the PRI and get commands

downloaded from AAA.

If you are already using AAA, it sounds like

you will want LSDO.

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