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Printing remotley

.Hello all,

I wan to be able to print to my office printer. On the firewall, I've NAT the local IP address of the office printer to a registered IP address. In Access list section, I've given permission to any outside host to print/telnet and ping the printer. As far as port configurations, source ports printing and telnet service is ANY. Destination port for printing is 9100, for telnet 23. As far as pinging. ICMP/echo. The results are:

I can Ping successfully, but I can’t telnet or print.

P.S. The printer is HP Laser 4, using HP Jet Direct Printing.

Help please.


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Re: Printing remotley


Have you verified that the jet direct has a default gateway programmed that has a route to the IOS router or PIX that is performing the NAT translation? Also if you can post the config ommitting the public addresses we can take a look and see.


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Re: Printing remotley


Thank you very much for the quick response. Yes i did, and it does have a default gateway pointing to the IOS router. I've configured different servers which are configured on the same subnet as the HP printer, and I was able to open HTTP/HTTPS/ ports with no problem. I'm not really sure what the problem is.

Thanks again


Re: Printing remotley

Hi Sam,

Okay, firstly not sure which pix IOS you are running but you'll need a static and ACL for allowing outside traffic to print to inside printer on port 9100.

Ex. > static (inside,outside) tcp 9100 9100 netmask 0 0

Now you also need a ACL to allow the outside traffic inside i.e.

> access-list permit tcp host host eq 9100

Also, you'll require a route applied to your inside router for the outside source addrs pointing to the pix.

The above config is for pix IOS 6.x ,using NAT/PAT also make sure to do 'wr m' (write memory) and also a 'clear xlate' (clear translation).

Hope this helps -

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