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Problem 1721 router with Vpn client 1.1

I have a 1720 router,having outside public ip address to connect to the ISP and I got a range of public ip addresses for the inside interfaces.the 1721 has ip/fw/ipsec 3DES bundle and a cryoto card .I am configuring so that vpn client 1.1 should connect to it through dialup.

The configuration is like this


crypto isakmp policy 10

encr 3des

authentication pre-share

crypto isakmp key xxxxxx address

crypto isakmp client configuration address-pool local test-pool



crypto ipsec transform-set test-tranfer esp-3des esp-sha-hmac


crypto dynamic-map test-dynamic 10

set transform-set test-tranfer



crypto map test client configuration address initiate

crypto map test client configuration address respond

crypto map test 10 ipsec-isakmp dynamic test-dynamic


interface FastEthernet0

ip address 213.x.x.x 255.255.255.x

speed auto


interface Serial0

description connected to etisalat

ip address 194.x.x.x 255.255.255.x


ip local pool test-pool 213.42.x.1 213.42.x.100

ip classless

ip subnet-zero

ip route 194.x.x.x

no ip http server

ip http port 8080

ip pim bidir-enable



When i try to ping the outside interface of the router from a pc having vpn installed(1.1) and when i give debug crypto engine command on the router,it says...."packet lost due to missing cryptomap".

Can anybody tell me where i am wrong.what extra configuration i need ?


New Member

Re: Problem 1721 router with Vpn client 1.1


Please apply the crypto map to the outside interface:

interface Serial0

crypto map test

Best Regards,

New Member

Re: Problem 1721 router with Vpn client 1.1

hi ,

I applied the crypto map but , still it is not working.

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