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Problem with IPSEC tunnel and 7200

I have created an IPSEC tunnel with a preshared key between (2) 2600 routers with an hardware VPN. The VPN connection is seperated by 3600 router with a DS3 WAN connection to my ISP. I want to replace the 3600 router with a 7200. When I replaced the 3600 with the 7200 router the tunnel went down so I reset the tunnel and cleared the arp cache and CAM tables on all the LAN segments. The tunnel came up and the 2600 VPN peers could ping each other. HOWEVER the networks at either end of the tunnel could not ping each other. I failed back to the 3600 and the tunnnel came up immediately without me having to reset anything.

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Re: Problem with IPSEC tunnel and 7200

Hi Philip,

It might be the configuration on the Cisco 7200 Router, you might have to see if all the access-lists allow IPSec traffic (symptom for traffic not passing after tunnel gets established). Some Route that exists on the 7200 which causes the traffic to be sent out somewhere else. You might have to share the configs with a Cisco Engineer to get a resolution on this, as the 7200 seems like a passthrough router in this case and shouldn't cause any problems if configured properly.



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