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problem with ONE ip address in particular

Hello all. I have a problem that is getting to me. I have two kinds of vpn clients, one that uses a vpn from remote site to main site via hardware, and the second is a group of softclient vpns that go back to the main site. I have one ip address in particular on a subnet that when I ping from the 1st kind of vpn, I get a response back (internal address responds) with no problem. When I ping that same address from my softclient vpn user, I get the global address instead. Funny thing about this is that EVERYTHING else on that same subnet that the one ip Im having problems with, everything else echos back the internal address. I have several servers that no matter which vpn you come in on, they all respond back with the internal address. But with this one server in particular, it responds back with the global address instead. Anyone have any ideas as to why that would be? Thank you in advance.


Re: problem with ONE ip address in particular

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