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Problem with PIX configuration!!!


I have a problem with my cisco PIX firewall 506E. I just implanted it into my network...but the pix can't ping anything from the outside except the translated address of another firewall of our other words…it can see the net.

And it can't be seen from the outside...what could be wrong???

The inside is connected inside the network and work perfectly...and the outside is directly connected to the internet...

Can you help me with that???

Thanks in advance!!!


Re: Problem with PIX configuration!!!

What do you mean by "directly"?

Does it have a default route? Can the Pix ping it's default router?

New Member

Re: Problem with PIX configuration!!!

It can't ping it's default gateway...the gateway ip is

so I put like route this command:

route outside

is that OK???

thanks for your help


Re: Problem with PIX configuration!!!

Hi -

> route outside 1 <-- next hop metric

(if you are not sure of the metric then, enter 1. Your ISP should be able to provide the info, also you can use a traceroute cmd to obtain the number of hops. The default is 1 if a metric is not specified)

Make sure you save the config by using 'write memory' !!

Hope this helps --


Re: Problem with PIX configuration!!!

Hi again - also forgot to mention, can you provide us with your config (exclude any real inside IP and any passwords).

Thanks --

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