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problem with session telnet through asa topology

Hi, we have a problem with a problem with an alcatel device.the problem is that when we telnet (from the management server) to the device everything is ok, but when we give a particular command the results never come back through the telnet console! others command are executed with success! We have tried to run the particular command directly connected to the device and the results for the command executed succesfully! The topology is :

Server(LAN) -> SWITCH -> ASA -> SWITCH -> Alcatel Device.

How can you explain this...meaning that some commands are running and show results through the above topology...but some no! even though directly connected they are successfully!

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Re: problem with session telnet through asa topology


I'm not sure exactly what coul be hapenning, but I would suggest as a first troubleshooting step, try to capture this traffic on both interfaces of the ASA. Create an access list to match this traffic flow and then apply it to a capture line and then apply the captures to the ASA's interfaces.

access-list capture permit ip host host

access-list capture permit ip host


capture capin access-list capture interface inside packet-length 1520

This would be the capture to use in the inside interface, you would need to create another acl if there's NAT for the outside interface otherwise just create anothe capture line with the same acl and apply it to the outside interface.

Run a test and check you captures with the show capture command.

Start with this and try to determine if the traffic is being dropped in the ASA on the way back.

Hope this helps

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