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New Member

Problems with 515E when reaching CPU and Mbps special conditions

I have a 6.3.3 515 E firewall experiencing the following problem:

I registered inside bit rate: Tx 33Mbps, Rx 33Mbps.

Outside registered: Tx 33 Mbps and Rx 33Mbps.

CPU utilization: 44%

Any suggestion?

After these conditions, systems resets and send the attatched message:

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Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with 515E when reaching CPU and Mbps special condit


I would suggest you to open a case with TAC. I searched the local database for the know bugs,but could not find any answers yet.

Below is a decode of your crash dump

Thread Name: pix/intf1 (Old pc 0x001e4229 ebp 0x00ef2da0)


0: 002ea3e8 pix_process:_pix_process+364

1: 002f02d2 pixmain:_pix_process_block+46

2: 001ee1fe ipmain:_ip_in+1210

3: 001ecfe5 ipmain:_ip_thread+797

4: 001036dd thread:_t_start+21

5: 00000000

vector 0x00000002 (nmi)

edi 0x00ca12ac

esi 0x00efd4b0

ebp 0x00ef2d50

esp 0x00ef2cac

ebx 0x1eca12ac

edx 0x00567bc8

ecx 0x005678f8

eax 0x00000000

error code n/a

eip 0x002e3ddd magic:_fixup_tcp+1289

cs 0x00000008

eflags 0x00000202

CR2 0x00000000

Stack dump: base:0x00ef0e8c size:8192, active:608

0x00ef2e88: 0x0071154c

0x00ef2e84: 0x001eccc8 ipmain:_ip_thread+0

0x00ef2e80-0x00ef2e7c: 0x00000000

0x00ef2e78-0x00ef2e5c: 0x12345678

0x00ef2e58: 0x0071154c

0x00ef2e54: 0x001036dd thread:_t_start+21

0x00ef2e50: 0x00ef2e7c

0x00ef2e4c: 0x08005678

0x00ef2e48: 0x008114ec

0x00ef2e44: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2e40: 0x00ef2e4e

0x00ef2e3c-0x00ef2e34: 0x12345678

0x00ef2e30-0x00ef2e28: 0x00000000

0x00ef2e24: 0x00000206

0x00ef2e20: 0x00000008

0x00ef2e1c: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2e18: 0x008114ec

0x00ef2e14: 0x001ecfe5 ipmain:_ip_thread+797

0x00ef2e10: 0x00ef2e50

0x00ef2e0c: 0x08000506

0x00ef2e08: 0x1c62008b

0x00ef2e04: 0x1eca12ac

0x00ef2e00: 0x23fb12ac

0x00ef2dfc: 0x00810d9c

0x00ef2df8: 0x00000000

0x00ef2df4: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2df0: 0x00810d9c

0x00ef2dec: 0xffffaf60

0x00ef2de8: 0x00ef2dfc

0x00ef2de4: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2de0: 0x00ef2e04

0x00ef2ddc: 0x00ef2e00

0x00ef2dd8: 0x00ef2e0c

0x00ef2dd4: 0x00ef2e0a

0x00ef2dd0: 0x00ef2e08

0x00ef2dcc: 0x008114ec

0x00ef2dc8: 0x00000020

0x00ef2dc4: 0x00ef2dc8

0x00ef2dc0: 0x008114ec

0x00ef2dbc: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2db8: 0x00000000

0x00ef2db4: 0x00ef2e10

0x00ef2db0: 0x00102155 nclock:_clockintr+41

0x00ef2dac: 0x00ef2dbc

0x00ef2da8: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2da4: 0x001ee1fe ipmain:_ip_in+1210

0x00ef2da0-0x00ef2d9c: 0x00ef2e10

0x00ef2d98: 0x00ef2dac

0x00ef2d94: 0x00711ca4

0x00ef2d90: 0x00102155 nclock:_clockintr+41

0x00ef2d8c: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2d88: 0x00567bc8

0x00ef2d84: 0x002f02d2 pixmain:_pix_process_block+46

0x00ef2d80: 0x00ef2da0

0x00ef2d7c: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2d78: 0x00000000

0x00ef2d74: 0x02da88ea

0x00ef2d70-0x00ef2d6c: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2d68: 0x00000000

0x00ef2d64: 0x0071cbcc

0x00ef2d60: 0x00104bcc thread:_t_tick+116

0x00ef2d5c: 0x00efd3a0

0x00ef2d58: 0x00567bc8

0x00ef2d54: 0x002ea3e8 pix_process:_pix_process+364

0x00ef2d50: 0x00ef2d80

0x00ef2d4c: 0x005678f8

0x00ef2d48: 0x00a2d960

0x00ef2d44: 0x005678f8

0x00ef2d40: 0x00104bcc thread:_t_tick+116

0x00ef2d3c: 0x1eca12ac

0x00ef2d38: 0x00b89358

0x00ef2d34: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2d30: 0x00000000

0x00ef2d2c: 0x00000578

0x00ef2d28: 0x00000564

0x00ef2d24: 0x00711c62

0x00ef2d20: 0x00ca008b

0x00ef2d1c: 0x00000001

0x00ef2d18: 0x00efd4c4

0x00ef2d14: 0x00ef2d4c

0x00ef2d10-0x00ef2d0c: 0x0077b8a0

0x00ef2d08: 0x0071168c

0x00ef2d04: 0x002ec10b pix_process:_fixup_icmp+991

0x00ef2d00: 0x00ef2d50

0x00ef2cfc: 0x00a2d960

0x00ef2cf8: 0x00567bc8

0x00ef2cf4: 0x002ebe06 pix_process:_fixup_icmp+218

0x00ef2cf0: 0x00ca12ac

0x00ef2cec: 0xff000000

0x00ef2ce8: 0x00008638

0x00ef2ce4: 0x00000001

0x00ef2ce0: 0x00ca0010

0x00ef2cdc: 0x30a2c681

0x00ef2cd8: 0x00000000

0x00ef2cd4: 0x001ecb1d ipmain:_ip_put+153

0x00ef2cd0: 0x30a285d1

0x00ef2ccc: 0x00b89420

0x00ef2cc8: 0x00ef2cdc

0x00ef2cc4: 0x00811594

0x00ef2cc0: 0x00ca12ac

0x00ef2cbc: 0xff000000

0x00ef2cb8: 0x1e000000

0x00ef2cb4: 0x00000202

0x00ef2cb0: 0x00000008

0x00ef2cac: 0x002e3ddd *

0x00ef2ca8: 0x00000000

0x00ef2ca4: 0x005678f8

0x00ef2ca0: 0x00567bc8

0x00ef2c9c: 0x1eca12ac

0x00ef2c98: 0x00ef2cac

0x00ef2c94: 0x00ef2d50

0x00ef2c90: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2c8c: 0x00ca12ac

0x00ef2c88: 0x00000002

0x00ef2c84: 0x00104ff9 vector:_iret+0

0x00ef2c80: 0x00ef2d50

0x00ef2c7c: 0x00000202

0x00ef2c78: 0x00000008

0x00ef2c74: 0x002e3ddd magic:_fixup_tcp+1289

0x00ef2c70: 0x00000000

0x00ef2c6c: 0x005678f8

0x00ef2c68: 0x00567bc8

0x00ef2c64: 0x1eca12ac

0x00ef2c60: 0x00ef2cac

0x00ef2c5c: 0x00ef2d50

0x00ef2c58: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2c54: 0x00ca12ac

0x00ef2c50: 0x00000002

0x00ef2c4c: 0x00ef2c50

0x00ef2c48: 0x00000000

0x00ef2c44: 0x002f0a45 pixmain:_pix_ip_ifc_dispatch+29

0x00ef2c40: 0x00ca12ac

0x00ef2c3c: 0x00efd4b0

0x00ef2c38: 0x1eca12ac

0x00ef2c34: 0x00ef2da0

0x00ef2c30: 0x00000000

0x00ef2c2c: 0x00000005



New Member

Re: Problems with 515E when reaching CPU and Mbps special condit

Have you open case with TAC if so please send me the case #. This is an unusual case please keep me informed. you can use

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