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Problems with Clean Access and Login Scripts

Hi, everyone!

I'm installing a Cisco NAC OOB Real IP Gateway solution on a client and I'm having difficulties with their login scripts - I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me.

The client has scripts that run at login but, as it's an international company and I'm installing this in only a small office, they don't have access to exactly which scripts are run.

I've opened all the ports in the manual leading to everywhere and the problem persists.

At the moment the client doesn't want to implement AD SSO.

When the user first logs in its PC, the script isn't able to map the network drivers, as it does'n have connectivity when it's in the Unauthenticated Role. The user (after a very long time) is able to log in and run the CCAgent and eventually moves on to the Regular Employee VLAN - he can't see neither his personal driver nor the network ones.

Forcing the Group Policies update doesn't work either...

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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