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Proposal of new VPN - Advice Please

I have to connect three sites, None of the sites have any WAN capabilties at the moment.

WAN Connections are to go Site 1 to Site 2 to Site 3 (Site 1 is a customer site doesn't not ever need to see site 3)

I thinking...

Site 1 to Site 2 will use a lease line as they are very close to each other.

Site 2 to Site 3 will use VPN (over a DSL link)

What Cisco Hardware to I need at each site to accomplish this task ?

Any further advise on the situation would be useful.


VIP Purple

Re: Proposal of new VPN - Advice Please

Have a look at the 1721 series of routers. They are modular, and should be able to take a wide enough range of cards to meet your needs.

New Member

Re: Proposal of new VPN - Advice Please

I prefer the 1751 series. It'll give the client the ability to run voice over IP in the future, and has all the features the 1721 offers. It offers scalability.

Just an FYI it doesn't matter how close the sites are to each other for a lease line, its their distance to the CO.

If they are close, have you considered wireless? No reoccurring cost, possibly larger throughput, but a higher capital cost.

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