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Public address sharing delimma on PIX

I have a PIX 525 running PIX 6.01. I'm trying to setup a SuperScout email filtering server to scan for viruses and such. I had a static address translation from the public IP address of our mailserver to the actual private IP address of the server. Internal user's DNS pointed them to the internal private address and external users were pointed to the public translated address with access only to POP3 and SMTP ports. I setup SuperScout, which requires you to map outgoing mail to the SuperScout server. In turn, I had to use my public IP address for that. Now external POP3 clients can't get to my mailserver because the public address points to the mail filter server. After all that, how do I get external SMTP traffic to translate to one internal address and POP3 to another using the same public IP address?

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Re: Public address sharing delimma on PIX

Try port redirection feature


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Re: Public address sharing delimma on PIX

Sounds like a job for PAT. Rather than using a static command and a straight conduit for all ports, be specific on your static commands. Static has the capability to translate a specific port to another internal address. For example, you can have static send port 25 to one internal and port 110 to another internal - which is what it sounds like you want to accomplish. See this doc -

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