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QOS over VPN - -ASA 5520 vs VPN 3000

I am trying to improve the VOIP voice quality of my VPN home users. I have most users coming into a VPN 3000 Concentrator, but there is not much QOS config capability on that. I also have an ASA 5520 (base version) that I can use. Which device offers better QOS for Voice? Any suggestions or any leads on good documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Re: QOS over VPN - -ASA 5520 vs VPN 3000

Hey mate,

the vpn 3000 box does not have any qos functionalities.. it is still not included on the IOS and I doubt if it will, in future.. ASA 5520 has some good QOS features supported ...

when you have both VPN and QOS, you need to do the QOS before the traffic gets encrypted.. if not, qos will not act upon.. this is possible only with the site-to-site VPn kind of a setup.. for remote-access vpn, since the traffic gets encrypted from the PC, qos is a lil difficult to do..

Refer this guide to configure qos policies on the ASA.

hope this helps.. all the best. rate replies if found useful..


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Re: QOS over VPN - -ASA 5520 vs VPN 3000

Thank you very much. This and some other information kind of confirmed what I was already thinking. Thanks so much for the link to additional information.


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