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"Error timing out waiting for service"

I recently installed a IDS 4210 and upgraded the software from the included CD (version 3.0(5)S17) to version 3.1(3)S33.

When I issue the "idsvers" command, or attempt to retrieve the device status via the web interface, a timeout error is displayed for one of the services. The output looks as follows:



Application Versions for IDSensor.Peer

The Version of the Sensor is: 3.1(3)S33

postoffice v220 (Release) 01/12/14-20:01

logger v220 (Release) 01/12/14-19:59

sap v220 (Release) 01/12/14-20:01

Error timeout waiting for

fileXfer v175 (Release) 01/07/11-21:48

sensor v262 (Release) 02/05/08-17:28

I have reinstalled my sensor from the recovery CD three time to make sure that I applied all the service packs and signature updates properly, and with the correct permissions. There are no errors reported in the event logs.

I have worked with other 4210 sensors, with the exact same software version installed, that did not have this problem. Has anyone experienced this problem with the newer software versions? Is this a harmless error? How can I get rid of this error?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Cisco Employee

Re: "Error timing out waiting for service"

I suspect that nr.configd is included in your /usr/nr/etc/daemons file on the Sensor. Comment it out and stop/start the applications on the Sensor with a nrstop; nrstart. To prevent it from being put their again, you may have to modify the configuration stored on your management application - Unix Director or CSPM.

If this is not the case, log into IDM, run the Diagnostics available in the Admin Tab and send me the resulting report.

New Member

Re: "Error timing out waiting for service"

Thanks for the quick response.

I already checked the daemons config file for the presence of the legacy "nr.configd" service and it is not in there. I am using the IDM to manage the 4210, so there is nothing to change on CSPM or Director software. I will send you the daig output froim the IDM if you can tell me your email address. Unfortunately, the diag file it too large to paste into this web interface (unless there is a way to send attachments via the web interface?). My email address is

Thanks again for your assistance!


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