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"show local" max. licenses decreasing on PIX 501!

We have a bunch of PIX 501s VPNing to a 3030 here. I expect like many, we're going a little nuts right now. Licenses being used up as MSBLAST.D pings non-existing IP addresses, etc.

We're now starting to see, sometimes, our 10 or 50 user licenses appear as a maximum of 4, or even 1.

e.g. show local

Interface inside: 4 active, 4 maximum active, 24010 denied

This is, of course, very distressing. I assume it to be a bug, perhaps as the PIX withers under the load MSBLAST is causing.

Anyone seen this, know what's causing it, or have any other clues or hints?

We went back to various ones tonight to try to document it for TAC, but of course, we couldn't duplicate it. We assume this thus to be a load issue - most of the eastern time people had left for the day by this time.


Re: "show local" max. licenses decreasing on PIX 501!

The problem of licence depletion is documented as Bug CSCdw25026. Under certain conditions, the license is not released after 30 seconds. You can use the clear local-host commmand to manually release the licenses. A more permanant solution will be to upgrade your client.

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Re: "show local" max. licenses decreasing on PIX 501!

Thanks kindly for your note and reference.

This is occurring in both 6.3(1) and 6.2(2).

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