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really, really basic question

I have taken on a new position that requires maintaining/configuring three PIX 501 VPN routers. I have never done this before and nobody seems to have a clue where the book/manual for this router is. I understand that they configured them by telnetting into the box but I cannont figure out how they did it. I have a single RJ45 connected to the console port and my NIC card, the unit is plugged in to a power source. I have the IP address (internal and external) and when I try to telnet into the box I get a "Unable to open connection: No route to host". What do I do on this? How do I get into this router. Would Cisco send me out another manual on this? Any help greatly needed.


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Re: really, really basic question

Let me start from here, if you want to telnet to the pix make sure your PC NIC is pluged into the same LAN segment as the PIX or you must have IP connectivity to the PIX. Make sure you can ping the PIX IP. You PC IP or LAN must have telnet access permit for this to work. Another way out is the console port. You connect the console cable from the PIX console port to your PC serial port using DB9 or DB25 adapter. You dont use RJ45/CAT5 for console port to NIC.

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Re: really, really basic question

it sounds as though you are going back to back with your router therefore a way to connect is using a console cable ( flat lilac cable) into the console port of the router and then into com 1 of your pc. then connect using hyperterminal through com 1.

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Re: really, really basic question

You cannot use a straight through CAT 5 cable to the Console port. If you want to use your NIC plugged directly into the router, you must use the Ethernet port that you are telnetting to, but if you were to disconnect the ethernet port, then you would be taking the router off the network.

If you know the IP address that you are telnetting to, change the IP on your PC to a valid IP on the same network segment as the router. Connect a straight through cable into a device such as a hub or switch that is on the same segment as the router and then try to telnet.

If you want to use the console port, you need to use a crossover cable connected to COM1 on your PC and then use Hyperterminal.

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