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Redundant 3030 Concentrator for 300+ 3002 Hardware Clients

Hello - My Question is at what point do we decide to look at adding another 3030 Concentrator for Redundancy and to Load balance. We have 250 sites nationwide that connect via BB using the 3002 HW client and 100+ via dial up using the software client. That number is growing everyday.

Also when we decide to add another concentrator should it be located with the first one or geographically somewhere else.

Thanks for you advice.

Cisco Employee

Re: Redundant 3030 Concentrator for 300+ 3002 Hardware Clients

We can't nswer this question for you. You need to ask yourself, can I afford to lose access to those 250 sites for a day or so if my concentrator dies. I would think probably not. If the answer is no, then it's time to get a backup.

As to where it should be located, again you need to look at your environment. Certainly put it on a different power supply, but if it's at the same site and connected to the one Internet link then if that goes down you're still hosed. Ask yourself, how important is this to my business, and does the expense of a possible multiple-hour outage outweigh the expense of putting this box at a different site with a differnet Internet connection.

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