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Remote Address VPN addressing problem


i´m configuring a remote access vpn with a VPN 3005 in the central site and vpn clients in remote sites. Pc´s in central site are getting IP addresses via DHCP, and they want remote pc´s to get an address from the same range via DHCP too. Is this possible? The IP address assigned by DHCP server would be be located in the outter IP header. Which address goes in the inner IP address? Do I need to do NAT or it can be a private IP address? I suppose initial negotiations before tunnel is established are done with IP packets containing only this address. Is there any problem if i use ipsec in my client with NAT in my adsl router?

Could anyone show me some configuration examples? How would you design the addressing plan?

Thaks in advance


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Re: Remote Address VPN addressing problem

1 Here is the sample config for basic VPN client to VPN 3000:

2 base on above config, you can config DHCP for your VPN client:

Go to "Configuration | System | Servers | DHCP" to config DHCP server

Go to "Configuration | System | Address Management | Assignment"

Please check "DHCP Server"

3 If you want your VPN client passing through NAT in your ADSL router, need "IPSEC over UDP " or "IPSEC over TCP" featue:

Best Regards,

Paul Qiu

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