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Remote administration with VPN

Two sites are connected with a VPN connection (router to router).

I want use PCANYWHERE to administrate a NT Server trought VPN.

Which ports need to be permit to make this remote administration ?

Is there any restriction ?

Thank you for your response.

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Re: Remote administration with VPN

You'll need to allow ports tcp/5631 and udp/5632 inbound where the server resides.

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Re: Remote administration with VPN

Assuming your VPN is over the Internet, and encrypted , all LAN to LAN traffic would typically be allowed to pass, unless your mapped an ACL.

I set up PC anywhere to work on a router, using an extended access-list on the serial interface (inbound). I know it was UDP, and the port was low.

Simply write an extended access-list, apply it to your serial interface, and log all traffic

access-list 101 permit any any log

Then find the PC Anywhere intiated connection as it pass the access-list. This is the easiest was to find what ports it's using. Also, on Windows based by, connect to a host using PC anywhere.

The go to a command prompt, and type 'netstat -an |more' and you can see this on the PC also.

good port listing on the url above.

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