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Removing Expired Certificate

Hi Pros!

I have a certificate that was expiring at the end of this month. I requested a new one and import it to the router (I am using a 1801 running 124-6.T2 for this tunnel).

The problem now is that I cannot remove the previous certificate. Currently it shows (with the show crypto ca certifica) that is not associated to any trustpoint.

Can anyone please tell me how to remove it? (since is not associated I cannot use the "crypto ca certificate chain" and then "no certificate" commands)



Re: Removing Expired Certificate

To create, remove, and import certificates and private keys use the https EXEC command.

https {cert cert-name {create | import url URL | remove} | certgroup certgroup-name {add-cert | create | remove} | key key_name {create | import url URL | remove}}

Refer the following url for more information on this command:

New Member

Re: Removing Expired Certificate

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I am not using Application and Content Networking System, and this certificate is not http related. Actually the IOS is not even taking the https command. So I am still with that garbage certificate there. The show crypto ca cert shows for that one...

Validity Date:

start date: 11:59:01 MET Jan 24 2008

end date: 11:59:01 METDST May 31 2008

Associated Trustpoints:

So, as I mentioned, no Associated Trustponint. Any other idea?

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