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removing IPsec config from live cisco remotely


Can anybody plz help me.Here is scenario

2 sites with cisco 1712 with IPsec vPN bet them.Now at 1st location Natting as well config related to IPsec needs be removed as client wants to connect firewall to Cisco & wants to do natting as well Ipsec on Firewall.

So i need to remove Ipsec related config (crypto map,acces-list for vpn etc) from cisco remotely & cisco is live & i don;t want to loose teh connection.How i can acheive this?

1 thing is that outside natting as well crypto map is applied on the outside interface thru which only i can access cisco.

specially what precaution i need to take when removing the access-list for vpn remotely without loosing teh connection to cisco remotely & without rebooting the router??

should I remove the crypto-map from outside interface first & then remove access-list for vpn ?? or any other step ?? Because i tried to remove aceess-list for vpn first(though i shut f0 inteface to stop natting & any traffic from local lan)without removing crypto-map from outside interface & i lst the connection to cisco twice & i asked client to reboot cisco twice to get back the connection :)

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Re: removing IPsec config from live cisco remotely


Configure outside ACL on router to allow you to SSH to it then remove crypto map. restore ACL when reconfiguration complete.



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Re: removing IPsec config from live cisco remotely

Exactly what the previous poster said (remove crypto map from public interface), but in future issue the " reload in 5 " (or 10) command before messing with crypto stuff, that way the router will reload automatically in 5 minutes so if you manage to screw up the config, it will save you an embarrasing phone call asking people to switch on/off the router ;)

now if only the PIX could do that...

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