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Report Notification

I have just installed IDS MC and now I want my clients to receive a scheduled report by e-mail with information about the alarms.

I have configured a scheduled report with e-mail notification and they are receiving an e-mail with the following text:

The report "IDS Top Alarms Report" has been generated.

https://<SERVER NAME>/ids-monitor/GPS?

When they click in the link they access to a page with the following text:

Your session is currently invalid

The cause is listed below:

You must authorize first, in order to view the URL

Please login again below, and you will be taken to the URL that you are trying to access

Although they are entering a valid username and password (defined in the Cisco Works server) they are not able to see the report.

What can I do to permit my clients to see the reports with a e-mail notification?

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Re: Report Notification


There may be two possibilities.

1) IDS MC/Sec Mon 1.0 has a defect in e-mail notification of Reports, The link shows in the mail doesn't contain the server https port number, by default it will go to 443 port, but incase if you chaged the https port number from 443 to something else, the URL will not work.

Workaround: include the port number manually in the browser next to server name and try to launch.

Ex: https://:/ids-monitor/GPS?

2) User needs to have supported browser versions.

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Re: Report Notification

I don´t think it could be a problem with the https port, actually I am able to connect by https but I not able to authenticate. I didn´t change any suggested port during the installation.

The error message is:

Authentication failed. Please try again in order to access the specified URL

The clients are using IE 6.0, they are able to access IDS MC console and view the reports but the link in the e-mails is what is not working. Do you really think that IE version could be the problem?

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