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Route Metric for VPN Client Routes

When a VPN Client connection is established the metric for ther VPN routes is set to 1. Is there any way to have these set to follow the metric of the adapter used to establish the VPN connection? For example if I used the 100MB adapter on a system that has a metric of 20 could I get the VPN routes to be the same. The problem is with a device that has multiple adapters (including a VPN connection) that have access to the same networks (wired, 802.11 and AirCard / VPN Client). I would like the system to only use the AirCard / VPN if the other two adapters are down. But because the VPN connection has a metric of 1 it allways uses the AirCard adapter.


Re: Route Metric for VPN Client Routes

Not sure if you can force other NICs metric setup to any value you desired.

Basically, a VPN setup first need to have client to reach the VPN Server via public network or any common unsecure cloud.

When a VPN connectivity between client and VPN Server (PIX/ASA/VPN3K?Router) is established, logically they are sitting/located in the same network/LAN segment where the VPN Server resides.

The metric value of 1 is set automatically as the client initially is only 1 hop away from the VPN Server.



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