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router 831 as a vpn server

I am currently trying to find anyone who has set up the router as a vpn server. I have been given many links from tac that reference everything but the 831 directly. I upgraded the ios to 12.3(4)t2 to support ipsec and the upgrade went fine. I have used cli to to set up the authenication but the documentation reference a 3000 client and after I finished it wiped out my router. I have been given examples of easy vpn server but as of yet it does not work on this model. I have seen no documentation that directly states how to set this up everything references other routers(concentrators) or as a vpn client itself.All I am trying to do is have a remote client via the internet get to a server through the 831 not to a corporate network. I thought was pretty straight forward but it doesnt look like it can support this type of connection. If any one has done this please email or post your result.

Thank you

David Ernspiker

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Re: router 831 as a vpn server


Any update on this? looks like we have a similar problem.

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Re: router 831 as a vpn server

I am trying to enter a Command Line Interface to set this up. My router did not come configured with SDM and I had to load IOS and SDM Images to the router. Once it was up the area for Easy VPN Server was grayed out and the comment was VPN server is not supported by this router. I have not personally talked to one person at Cisco or anywhere else who has done this but have been told it can be done. l believe that it is a end point vpn device and has to talked to another vpn device(router/firewall). I did find one person who tied to 831's to form a vpn tunnel but not a single 831 with a remote client.If I get any more information I will pass it on

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Re: router 831 as a vpn server

If you're using the router as a VPN server, you will configure it to accept dynamic clients:

Try this link out:

Some bold commands are not necessary. Only a dynamic crypto map

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