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Router as VPN5000 client

Hi, I'm trying to connect a remote office where there is a 26xx router to the central office where resides a VPN5000 concentrator in a private context other than the main CVC.

Using LAN-to-LAN conection, a fixed IP address should be used at router side (Partner). But my router dials to an ISP and get any address.

Is there any way to do router to behave like a Software Client, with login, keys and etc.?

Or build a VPN LAN-to-LAN to a Private Context without fixed end-point address at router's side?

I appreciate helps


Re: Router as VPN5000 client

Can you describe your topology a little better? I don’t understand which routers are involved. The 2600 and the Concentrator are both at the main office right? What kind of router are you “dialing” from? I suspect you need a mode config sample from

New Member

Re: Router as VPN5000 client

Thanks for replying...

I have a VPN5000 in my Central Office and I'm usually to provide service for remote users from different supliers in different networks each of them in a separated Frame -Relay cloud. So I use CVC's.

One of my remote supliers want provide LAN access at his office with a router dialing to an ISP and stabilishing a tunnel to the VPN5000 at his specific CVC. It works using LAN-to-LAN tunnel, however, the IP gotten from the ISP should be fixed.

My question is if is possible to do this LAN-to-LAN using dynamic IP's. Withou specifing PARTNER at LAN-to LAN config.

Best Regards

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