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Router attached to pix 501


I really don't much about any of this as I'm new to hardware firewalls and routers so any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a SBS 2003 server which connects to the internet via a 2nd NIC card in the server. The 2nd NIC is connected to the internal interface of the firewall and the router is connected to the external interface on the firewall.

The firewall's IP address on the server is and uses a default gateway of (the firewall).

The router was configured to have an IP address of and I'm suspose to be able to http to so that I can configure the router excpet i can't I can a "page cannot be displayed message"

Is there something I need to add to the firewall config to allow me to access this page? I have read something about a "route" command but do no understand the syntax and whether this is the issue or whether I have got the complete wrong end of the stick!

i can actually access teh interet at the moment but don't know how it is doing it.

I havn't changed the config yet so its still factory default.

I also need to configure exchange server so the firewall will allow me to send and recieve email. please can someone also provide me with pointers on this?


Re: Router attached to pix 501


You need to check out whether you have already configured the router to accept the incoming connections on port 80 or other ports related to http service.

you can do that using the following commands..


ip http server

ip http authentication local


Below cli is used if you have AAA configured over ther in ur router.

ip http server

ip http authentication aaa

Also you can configure the port in the router thru which u can access the router thru http..


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