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New Member

router booting problem

I am using 7206 router . It reboots every 5 minutes and hence we are not able to troubleshoot the problem.Beacause as I said it reboots again and again...

Please suggest

New Member

Re: router booting problem

I also experinced some what similar problem with 2600 series router. You should note whether router is able to boot ios properly or not. I suggest you to upgrade your ios to a latest version, your platform supports.

In another case I had a permanant console connection to router from NT machine. Whenever NT machine restarted, surprisingly it also rebooted router. When I removed router console cable from NT box, problem disappeared.

New Member

Re: router booting problem

Dear Sir,

How could I update the version as I am not able to work in my router as I said it is booting after evry 5 minutes.....

New Member

Re: router booting problem

use 'show processes cpu' & 'show processes memory',check your cpu & memory utilization.

clear your router starting-config,reboot it,reconfig your 7206 step by step.

If the symptom still,remove all the interface modules,clear your router starting-config,reboot it.

If the symptom still,use the command 'boot system tftp',before you do it,you must prepare a tftp server and a complete IOS.If the solution is useful,then upgarde your current IOS.

New Member

Re: router booting problem

I would also bring up a SYSLOG server on an NT workstation and see what that tells you. I had a situation before where our routers were rebooting themselves periodically, after bringing up a SYSLOG server I found out that there was a memory leak problem in the IOS that I was using.


config term

logging buffered 16384

logging trap debugging

logging 10.6.x.y



There are several NT SYSLOG Servers out there that you can at least demo for free. The one I use was $35. Before you change the router make sure that the SYSLOG machine is setup, also when you are done I would change the command above 'logging trap debuging' to 'logging trap informational' to reduce the messages that are generated.

Any questions let me know.

New Member

Re: router booting problem

Hint: Try looking on the flash directory or on the bootflash directory. Most of the time the Cisco 7x00 routers create a crash-file everytime they crash.

You can send me an email and I'll try to help you


New Member

Re: router booting problem


press break or Cntrl+break key within 60 seconds of boot and check the configuration register if there is something wrong.

reply if u cannot rectify the problem at



New Member

Re: router booting problem

I faced the same problem on my 2620 router. The solution is to upgrade your memory. If you're using IOS 12.x, I suggest you've a DRAM of atleast 64MB or more.

New Member

Re: router booting problem

I've seen this on several platforms, it was always because of memory problems:

- not enough flash causes the IOS image to corrupt, which causes reboots systematically (I've had a 3640 with a faulty flash card which reacted exactly the same)

- not enough ram makes it impossible for the IOS image to decompress, so it reboots

By issuing a break within 60 seconds after a reboot, you can enter Rom monitor mode, so you can check config-register, IOS image location & size, you can force the router to use a different image on a tftp server or a PCMCIA flash card etc.

New Member

Re: router booting problem

Keep a console attached, You should get some sort of message on why the router reloads.

Has this router ever worked ?

What was the "last change" ?

I would capture the logging output to a PC to get

started tracking this down.

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