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Router to PIX VPN...please help

I have two separate networks I need to bring together via a VPN tunnel. The local side has a 3660 router where one end of the vpn will terminate. The remote end will be a PIX 501.

The local network (3660 side) has an ip addressing scheme of 10.x.x.x, where as the remote network (PIX side) has a scheme of 172.16.x.x. I have four users who will be initiating a session from the local side to 3 different servers on the remote side (all servers have a 172.16.x.x address). I am new to VPNs so I am confused as to where I need to be NAT'ing and how to set it up. If my side connects with a 10.x address and needs to get to a server with a 172.16.x.x address, where does the NAT'ing take place and how would that look configuration wise? As said before, all traffic is initiated from the local (3660) side. I have looked at the Cisco docs but its not clear to me. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Re: Router to PIX VPN...please help

You don´t need to NAT. You must create a crypto-ACL in each peer, in the following fashion: permit ip

then create a crypto map:

crypto map crypto-map-Serial0 5 ipsec-isakmp

set peer (PIX Outside interface IP)

set security-association lifetime kilobytes 10000

set transform-set (a transform you must create before)

set pfs group2

match address crypto-ACL

Finally, apply the crypto to the serial int of the 3660

interface Serial0

crypto map crypto-map-Serial0

In the PIX, do the inverse way for the ACL. Use same transform set.



Re: Router to PIX VPN...please help

any nat in place already? or you don't do nat on both sites. in case you use nat already on one/both site, you need to do a no-nat. would you please post the configs.

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