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Router to Router not split tunneled sample config

Ok just scoured CCO no router to router hub and spoke design where some sites are not split tunneled and others are. Any one doing this in their network? I need a samp config of a router that isnt split tunneled. ie do I need a route map to bypass nat do I need to configure nat at all? can I put an all 0's destination acl in my vpn config with standard vpn config on the other side? I don't know what guidelines I need to follow for a non split tunnel scenario.

Cisco Employee

Re: Router to Router not split tunneled sample config

Generally we discourage the use of the word "any" in a crypto ACL, but it should be all you need. At the remote site router (with network, you'll have a standard crypto ACL that looks like:

access-list 101 permit ip any

Then on the hub router, again it'll be standard with the crypto ACL for this site looking like:

access-list 101 permit ip any

If you have NAT at the remote site, you can either turn it off altogether, since there's not much point having it, or do the standard nonat route-map pointing to an access-list that denies traffic from to any (as I said though, not much point having it all though).

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