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Routing Isues

I have a unix based FTP server on my PIX520 DMZ, I can FTP to the box

from the internal network. I've added an access-list and static to translate

the external-DMZ addresses. I have a packet sniffer on the DMZ and If i open

an external to DMZ FTP session I see the first FTP packet hit the DMZ destined for the FTP server. However the FTP server never replies, I assume because it has no route to the source Ip address (External Network), If I add a gateway to the FTP server (as the PIX DMZ address) I loose internal connectivity, but still don't get the external portion to work?. How should gateways and routing be set up on the FTP box?

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Re: Routing Isues

This sounds to me like you have an error with either your static or your conduit / access list. If you post the config (minus passwords) I will take a look for you.

Routing shouldn't be the issue as you should have a default route pointing out from your outside interface towards a router.

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