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Routing muliple VPN's through Central Pix

We have 3 sites A, B & C.

B is the central site (Pix) which has an internet based VPN with site A and a WAN (PVC) connection with site C. Site B is able to route to both A and C but when site A tries to connect/route to site C or visa versa they are unable to connect. There are routes at both site A and site B to route their traffic via the Pix at site B. The packets reach the PIx at the central site but it does not read the route and therefore never reaches the destination.

The VPN and WAN interfaces are different on the Pix (not trying to route incoming traffic out the same interface)

Am I missing some configuration on the central PIx to allow incoming VPN traffic to be routed to remote site?

Basically I am trying to route inbound traffic on the Outside interface through the Pix and out another interface to a remote site (allowing the return traffic to follow the return path to the source address).

Help/advice would be much appreciated.


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Re: Routing muliple VPN's through Central Pix


This should be achiveable, as per your comments. As long as you are not Routing out the same interface on the Firewall this design should work. I would suggest checking for dropped packets due to no available translations or traffic being blocked by access-lists, and then if that doesn't help then open up a TAC case with complete configurations.




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