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routing nat zeroed from pix

i have a 1600 router on a frame relay is connected with a pix 515e..the inside of the firewall is on a public ip subnet and the outside is of a private ip of the host on the inside is a mail server which has to be accessed from the outside world..i have disabled the NAT on the inside so that all the public ip on the inside will be vissible on the outside..and i used a static command which states

static (inside,outside) ip_webserver ip_webserver ....this command i believe is in order for the webserver to be accesed from the outside

take note that i am using a private ip on the interfaces of both the outside of pix and the ethernet of 1600..i have used the ff command in my 1600

ip route ip_public subnet e0 where ip_public subnet represents the whole subnet of my public ips which resides on the inside of firewall and which are also nat zeroed to the outside of the i understand this must be available on the outside and the same thing on the ethernet side of the 1600

my question is since my router now only knows about the network on the serial and the network on the ethernet 0, how will he know about the network which is nat zeroed to the outside of the pix /or ethernet side of the router (public ips fromthe inside of pix)....what will be the routing command ill use in order to reach my mail server from the outside world


Cisco Employee

Re: routing nat zeroed from pix

On the router create a static route for the public ips(behind the pix) to be sent to the outside interface of the pix.

In your statement on the router, I am not sure when you say e0 if you mean the router's e0. This should instead be the pix's e0 (address).


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