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Routing to the internet

I have 3com super stack 3226 which is a multi layer switch. I have three vlans configured on it. VlanA with an address of, VlanB with an address of and VlanC with an address of I can get the vlans to talk to each other and i have my pix firewall connected to vlanA. Users on VlanA can connect to the internet fine because they are using the pix as their gateway but i can't get users on the other vlans to connect to the internet. I guess it's complicated because those other vlans are on different segments. I talked to 3com and i was told that i have make configurations on the pix but i don't have a clue as to how to go about doing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Routing to the internet


I am not familiar with the super stack 3226 but if it is a multilayer switch, then you should be able to configure it to have a default route pointing to the PIX as the next hop. This will allow traffic from VLAN B and VLAN C to get to the PIX (assuming that devices in those VLANs are configured with the super stack 3226 as their default gateway).

On the PIX you will need to configure routes back to the networks of VLAN B and VLAN C. You will also need to be sure that the PIX is set up to translate the addresses from these VLANs.

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Re: Routing to the internet

Hi Rburts,

Thanks for replying so quickly to my message. I am not sure what commands to use on the pix. I am assuming i have to use the route command to create the route back to the switch and use the nat and global commands for translation. Can you or someone help me on this?

Thanks again,


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