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routing tunnel to tunnel with a PIX

We have a PIX 515 that handles all of our tunnelling and firewalling functionality. We'd like to be able for someone to use the VPN client to tunnel into our network from home and then route to a remote office. The catch is that the remote office is connected via another tunnel on the same 515. So, we really want that home user to tunnel in, get assigned an address out of the pool and then be routed out another tunnel on the 515. Is this possible?


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Re: routing tunnel to tunnel with a PIX

If you change the PIX 515 to a router or VPN 3000 concentrator, the answer is yes. Because the router and VPN 3000 concentrator can redirect ip traffic from same interface.

PIX, for security reason, the same interface will not redirect traffic. So whatever you do, you will not be able to redirect the VPN client traffic to another VPN tunnel to another remote office.

That is the way it is for PIX.

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