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Sapd Variables

would like to create new variables to be used by sapd or change existing one but do not know where these are stored or how they are configured.


Re: Sapd Variables


For Unix Director and the IDS-42XX series sensors, the settings for sapd are available in the following location:


You can edit the file directly via CLI login to make your necessary changes or use the appropriate configuration utility.

With Unix Director, you can use the nrConfigure utility (/usr/nr/bin/nrConfigure) to modify sapd settings. Access the entry for either the Director or sensor and then select "Data Management”. Any changes here should be reflected in sapd.conf

If you're using IDM (stand-alone software for Sensors running 3.1 or newer) to manage the sensor configuration settings, you'll find that sapd, while running, isn't configurable at all from the IDM web-based interface (or at least I couldn't find it).

As for CSPM, IDS MC or VMS, I'm afraid I can't help you, as I don’t have access to any of these products...

Community Member

Re: Sapd Variables

I know where to edit the config file sapd.conf I was wondering were some of the variables are pulled from to modify or if I can create new variables for like a new $PathDump variable etc...

Cisco Employee

Re: Sapd Variables

The variables are predefined and hardcoded in nr.sapd.

You can not create a new variable unless someone modifies

the sapd source code to parse and use that variable.

Is there something specific you would like to do in sapd.conf?

Community Member

Re: Sapd Variables

We have old logfiles that we move to dump_old directory and when purging files at 90% would like to purge files from that directory. Instead of /var/log/dump

Cisco Employee

Re: Sapd Variables

I think you can do this in sapd.conf with the existing tokens and vars.

#Update the purge trigger line with the new directory

FM_DirUsed DUMP_Purge 90 /usr/nr/var/dump_old Dump_Purge

#Update the purge action line to use the directory specified in the trigger

FM_Action Dump_Purge /usr/nr/bin/sap/ $DirPath $FileOldest

The above lines are just an example. If you have any questions about

how to apply this to your sapd.conf file, or if this does not reflect what

you are trying to do, then open a TAC case and reference, and I will work with you to get sapd.conf

configured correctly.

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