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Save PIX config to a TFTP server

When I try to use the PDM to save my PIX configuration to a TFTP server, I get an access violation. Here's what I specified:

I told the PDM to create a file named "pixconfig". The PDM accepted that just fine.

when I went to do the actual save, it told me "Configuration file name must start with "/". It wanted me to put a "/" in front of the "pixconfig" file name. When I did that and then tried to save the configuration:

The PIX said: TFTP write '/pixconfig' at on interface 1

Access violation

My TFTP server said: Error EACCESS on file /pixconfig. Ext error The directory name is invalid. [30/08]

I then tried to create a directory named "pixconfig" below the TFTP root folder and have the PIX create a file named "new" using the path /pixconfig/new but got the same error messages.

I have students having this same problem and I have to find a fix for it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance-



Re: Save PIX config to a TFTP server


Your configuration part in PDM is correct. When you enabled TFTP server (Admininitration-TFTP Server), you basically need to enabled the inside interface, assign IP and on the path, you just need to put '/'. Then apply.

If you check your PIX from CLI, you should see something like:

tftp-server inside /

The '/' will be associated with the default tftp directory/folder specified in your tftp server. PIX will just push it to TFTP server, and TFTP server will know which directory to save the config file.

So, if you want to save the running config (File-Save Running Configuration to TFTP Server...), give any filename with extension, i.e config-31aug2006.txt.

I have this thing running fine. TFTP server is 3CDaemon. Alternatively, try to use other tftp server.



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Re: Save PIX config to a TFTP server

Thanks! It turned out to be the version of TFTP32 that I was using. I got the new version from the manufacturer, and the upload worked first time.

Thanks for the reply.

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