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SCE virtual links mode bandwith limitation


I have an SCE working in subscriberless. I set it to work on the virtual links mode which allows me to set the bandwith limit from the CLI by setting the PIR for the default virtual link which has all the subscribers traffic. I used this CLI command to do so :

#interface lincard 0

#virtual-links index o direction downstream gc 1 set-pir value 1000

the global controller 1 is the one controlling the P2P traffic. then I use the command :

# show interface linecard 0 aggregative-global-controllers to display the resultls.

My question is when i use the first cli command I was expecting the sce to the set the bandwith limit to the gc 1 on the subscribers side gc (becaus i choosed the downstream direction) i just got the opposite and then the use of the show command to display the actual rate on the gc as well as the rate limit has shown me that the rate limit is often violated. I mean the actual rate bounces around the value i specified using the set-pir command but i does some times overcomes it. what could be the explanation for this behaviour.


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Re: SCE virtual links mode bandwith limitation

In other terms the question is why when i fix a limit rate to a static global controller this rate is never violated and if use the virtual links mode and I fix the rate to global controller template the rate is often exceeded.

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