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SDM support different between 12.4(15)T and 12.4(22)T?

I have two 2811 routers that are just about identical. One router is running 12.4(15)T and the other is running 12.4(22)T (Both use the AdvIPServices release). The 12.4(22)T router also runs CUCME.

SDM v2.5 is installed on the computer. Using the Cisco-provided instructions for configuring the router for SDM support yields 2 different results. Connecting to the router running 12.4(15)T results in the expected HTTP authentication request, where connecting to the 12.4(22)T router results in a request for the SSH username and password.

I've tried this with both secure and non-secure HTTP, and get the same result every time. So what is different? Or is it something I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for any assistance

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