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Securing a perimeter router

I have a perimeter router a 7206 VXR... sweet... I know i should get a real security professional in to do the job, but unfortunately it's not an option... I've been reading alot and it appears I need to take some serious steps to protect it before we go production.... it's a VERY basic config... ip set... any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Securing a perimeter router

BTW... I realize this is a HUGE question

Cisco Employee

Re: Securing a perimeter router

This probably not the forum for this question. (I'd suggest the General forum or possibly Firewalls). I would, however, point you in the direction of Access Control Lists. Learn them, eat them, breathe them...They are the basics of what you're looking for. For starters, figure out how to limit telnet access to the router to only your internal network. Once you have that mastered, the rest is downhill.

Look for the Cisco Documenation online (at if you don't have a copy handy. Search for ACLs for Access Control Lists.

Scott Cothrell

Community Member

Re: Securing a perimeter router

Thanks Scott !!!! I have at least limited the telnet access... glad to hear it's all downhill from there... and that ACL's are a good place to start... I know those... thanks !!! And if I can find the General question area... I'll post there...

Cisco Employee

Re: Securing a perimeter router

Just to clarify, by "downhill" I meant in the sense that at least you have the tools you need to secure the router.... There is still plenty of complexity to make risk assessments about.

The General forum is a couple of levels up...

Scott C.

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