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Securing wireless vlan using IPSec

In light of the recently reported insecurities of WEP security algorithm, I am interested in protecting my wireless vlan traffic using IPSec. I am using Lucent Accesspoints and WaveLAN card. I figure that i will create a VPN router using Cisco2621 and force it to encrypt all wireless traffic. Then I will install VPN client on all wireless laptops. How does this sound?

One problem I can see is that this will not protect wireless to wireless communications. This will also require all wireless traffic to be routed because I will need to place all services for wireless vlan [exchange, dns, wins, ect.] off the wireless vlan to protect then. Has anyone protected there wireless network this way? Any suggestions?

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Re: Securing wireless vlan using IPSec

Running the VPN client to router tunnels will work fine for your wireless devices. I know Cisco is working on a newer rendition of WEP that is supposed to be out soon on their Aironet product line that will eliminate this need for our network. I don’t know if Lucent is doing anything similar.

Wireless to wireless will have to run VPN client to VPN client as the tunnel start/end points. Should be doable.

Hope this helps!

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