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security in china

Has anyone considered how Cisco's assistance in tracking messages of human rights activists in China has resulted in murder and excesive prison time for who engaged in certain political and religious activities that are considered in this country a basic human right. This assistance is no different from the help provide to the Nazis by certain US companies who supplied the constituantes needed to gas the Jews. Don't wait until the government forces you to do the right thing. I believe this is the most important "security" issue facing Cisco at this time. I apologize if I used the wrong site to express these views and would be happy to find the corect manner to engage in dialoge with Cisco regarding this subject. Unrestained commerce with out a sense of ethics is just plain wrong. I beleive Cisco has many fine employees who would be shocked to know how Cisco technology is being used to foster abuse.


Re: security in china

Cisco devices are powerfull networking tools with possibility of logging, tracking network paths ... It hasnt been designed for messages tracking of human rights activists in China it has been designed for troubleshooting , debugging ... All good things can be misused... Its like knife - it can be used for cuting of bread but also for murder

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