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Security in IP Telephony


We have customers deployed with Cisco IP Telephony solutions on data networks. We need to address the security issues in CIPT environments. Went through the SAFE whitepapers on IPT Security. But I have the following to know:

1) Can we upgrade the OS of Call Manager with the latest MS security patches and hot fixes, as and when released from MS? Will there be any application problems? Should we wait for any Cisco notifications (if there are any) on such upgrades?

2) SAFE whitepaper suggests host IDS and host antivirus programs on the Call Manager? Any issues to be taken care of, before such implementations?

This is a genuine concern of the customer for IP Telephony expansion. Any early response will be highly appreciated.

Sekhar J S


Re: Security in IP Telephony

Cisco does not recommend using the MS patches as they are released.

Cisco recommends getting the patches from Cisco, where they are first tested to make sure they don't negatively impact other (IP Telephony) processes.

My understanding regarding anti-virus programs is that any of them (your preference) should be fine, but you'll want to disable them when loading or patching software (as is the usual recommendation for any software load).

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Security in IP Telephony

Hi Scott,

I have been following up this space for any OS patches/upgrades, but may be I have not got my hand on any.

Does Cisco release the OS patches from time to time? Can anyone give the pointer for the latest Cisco recommendations / downloads?


Sekhar J S

New Member

Re: Security in IP Telephony

You can get the latest OS patches and BIOS upgrades from CCO at.

You will need an account with access to software upgrades to get there and you will find the recommended call manager security patch processess that may help answer the questions better. FYI CIsco's processes say that the patches Cisco deems critical will be posted within 1 day after MS posts then to there web site.

Hope this helps.

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