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Sensor fails startup- hangs on "booting " screen

I have reimaged the 4235 several times and each time it hangs on "Booting the cisco secure intrusion detection system screen"

above there is a line that reads

"WARNING:ACPI Tables not in Reclaim Memory"

but I believe we see that all the time anyway.

I seem to remember something like this happening on our 4230s before they were declared defective...

anyone seen this before?

There is also a blue indicator light next to the NOC indicator that stays on..I have another sensor that im staging that has the same blue light on but it works fine and then another one has a blinking blue light, but it works ok too- go



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Re: Sensor fails startup- hangs on "booting " screen


I assume you didn't see any unusual/suspect messages during the re-image. Did you use a CD, or the Recovery Partition? If you used a CD, you may try manually launching a local re-image from Recovery Partition by selecting that boot option during a reboot. This will at least give us some idea of the condition of the hard disk, since the sensor will be booting to the SCSI drive instead of the CD.

You may also try reloading the BIOS, or upgrading to BIOS version A04 if you haven't already. It sounds like the CMOS data may have been corrupted, or it may be stuck in an unstable state. The A04 BIOS can be found on the CD (in the BIOS directory), or on CCO.

As for the blue light. It is a "system status" light. Blue is good, blinking or not. Solid blue is the normal operating condition. When it is blinking, that means somebody has pressed the service button on the front or back of the unit (near the light). It is designed to help you identify a specific sensor in a rack full of sensors. You can press the button on front so you know which sensor to remove cables from when you go around to the back of the rack. If the system detects a potential problem with the hardware, this light will turn amber in color.


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Re: Sensor fails startup- hangs on "booting " screen

Hi Rusty

No, there were no unusual message during re-imaging.

I used the 3.x cd which doenst have the BIOS update on it. Also the system boots past the BIOS load and it appears to be something with partition or the master boot record perhaps

I ran diagnostics a few times and the hard drives are error free.

Ill try the 4.x cd and see if i can do a BIOS reload just for kicks...

I think the last time this happened on a 4230 , we ended up sending it in for a Failure analysis and they determined it was the motherboard...


Ill keep at it and keep ya posted on results..

thx for your help



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Re: Sensor fails startup- hangs on "booting " screen

The ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)error message happens when eeprom values don't match the call values of the updated OS. In other words a bug. This is a call to TAC.

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