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Setting of 4210 interface

After I assigned a IP to the control interface, I use a work station to ping the interface, however, it always says "can't reach"

In the 10.1.1. network, there only 2 IP, and do not have a router, hub or switch.

The 4210 control interface's IP is

The workstation is installed with a CSPM, it's IP is

I use a cross over cable to connet these 2 NIC.

Is there any problem?

Moveover, I don't know how to assign a default gateway to the sensor.

Can anyone help?

Cisco Employee

Re: Setting of 4210 interface

All of the basic network configuration should be done through the sysconfig-sensor script.

NOTE: There are 2 interfaces on the sensor. Be sure that the proper interface is plugged into the hub.


Community Member

Re: Setting of 4210 interface

Please read this article.

Initializing the Sensor

You can configure the basic communication parameters for the sensor via the sysconfig-sensor utility. After initializing the sensor, complete the configuration using your IDS manager.

After you have installed the sensor on your network, turn it on, and follow these steps:


Step 1 Log in as root.

You can log into the CLI with a serial connection, a Telnet connection to the default sensor address of, or after attaching a monitor and keyboard.

Step 2 Enter the username root and the default password attack.

Step 3 You are prompted to change the password of root if this is the first time you have logged in to the sensor.


Note Change the default password to maintain security.


Step 4 Type sysconfig-sensor at the command prompt.

The Cisco IDS Sensor Initial Configuration Utility menu appears:

Cisco IDS Sensor Initial Configuration Utility

Select options 1 through 6 to initially configure the Sensor.

1 - IP Address

2 - IP Netmask

3 - IP Host Name

4 - Default Route

5 - Access Control List

6 - Communications Infrastructure

7 - Date/Time and Time Zone

8 - Passwords

9 - Secure Communications

10 - Display

11 - IDS Device Manager

x - Exit



Note To initialize a sensor, you must configure options 1 through 6. If you do not set these parameters, the sensor does not function properly. You can complete the other options using your IDS manager with the exception of options 9 and 10, which are not available in the IDS Device Manager.


Community Member

Re: Setting of 4210 interface

I have Initializing the Sensor. And set these parameters.

However, I also can't ping the control interface of the sensor.

Morever, there's no router in the network, how could I assign the default gateway?


Cisco Employee

Re: Setting of 4210 interface

The default gateway is assigned when you run sysconfig-sensor and select option 4 - Default Route.

Community Member

Re: Setting of 4210 interface

Actually, there have no default gateway in the network

What should i assign?


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