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Setting up VPN

This is kind of a wierd situation. we have a hardware monitored firewall. one of our offices has requested a VPN be created to connect there firewall and ours. Now my question is this they have to contact us to setup ourside of the connection of the VPN? Or is completely setup when they requested it to Worldcom to set it up. I am looking at this from a security stand point. i dont want them access to my system and they have not contacted me about setting VPN on my servers. Am i just parinod or should i be worried. according to worldcom the VPN tunnel between the firewalls is there.

Any info would be great thanks inadvance guys.


Re: Setting up VPN

Yes, without your side of the configuration, VPN tunnel would not be created. I don't know how Worldcom (I guess is your service provider) says that VPN exists between firewalls without configuring your firewalls. There is a lot of security measures that need to be in place before a VPN can be established. I feel there is nothing to worry if your firewall is functioning well and secured.

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