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New Member

settings cant be saved

Hi to all experts here, I'm new to cisco and would like to ask assistance regarding cisco 2600. I tried setting up a password for my console and enable. After setting up, I typed it in "write" but after I reboot the router or turn it off, after turning it on again, it will just be on the default settings again. Passwords are gone as well as other settings

Jefferson Co

Re: settings cant be saved

Could you do a show version and paste your results here???

You configuration register value may not be correct. The default is X2102 which tells the router to load the IOS from flash memory then load the startup-config

Re: settings cant be saved

If it is not a config reg issue, it may be an old IOS or might be CatOS. Try running wr mem or copy run start

New Member

Re: settings cant be saved

hi to all, first of all, thanks for all of the replies. Just want to inform you guys that I've already done saving the settings. What i did was after typing in "write" I try rebooting the router and all of the settings were saved.

Regarding the confreg, I did saw that article but after doing that procedure it turned into 0x5c22, really weird. Anyway thanks for the replies.

Jefferson Co
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