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Several issue on ASA 5510

1. Why is my ASA 5510 reflect 202MB RAM while the base config is 256MB? Please advise.

2. I want to change the ASDM management port from default 443 to 4430. I couldn't manage to login once I changed it to 4430. But if I changed to 4000 instead of 4430, i have no problem login.

3. I had configured an interface name DMZ earlier and configured some access rules under DMZ interface. I did a password recovery for the appliance. I managed to login after the password recovered but all the access rules under DMZ are gone. But I manage to find them under ACL manager. Why?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Re: Several issue on ASA 5510

The security appliance loads a default configuration instead of the startup configuration when Password recovery is performed. Load the startup configuration in the Security device by entering the following command:

hostname# copy startup-config running-config.This command will load the security appliance with the startup config which contains the ACLs you have configured before. The ACL manager has shows the existing ACLs in the startup configuration. The port number 4430 may be used by the device for some other application and since it is not free you are not able to use the port as management port.

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