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Should I upgrade or not?

I currently have a PIX running 6.3(3) and I was thinking of upgrading to a higher revision but I'm not sure it it’s smart. If I'm not experiencing any issues with 6.3(3) and I don’t need any new features in a higher revision, is there any other reason I should upgrade? Does anyone know of any bugs that would be serious enough in 6.3(3) to force an upgrade to 6.3(4) or 6.3(5)? Also, I don’t want to upgrade to 7.0 because I will need a hardware upgrade.

One more question….

I was looking around on and was not able to find a good resource for finding bugs for PIX codes, does the Bug Toolkit for routers equivalent exists for PIX’es

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Should I upgrade or not?

As mentioned by you that you have 6.3(3) and nto looking for any extra features then i must suggest you to upgrade to 6.3(5) as it being a GD version.

There certainly are bugs associated with all codes but no all the time they hit your device. Its only that when you make major config changes or change your network topology, the bug hits (rarely). The code 6.3(3) is an ED however, 6.3(5) is a GD version and has almost all bugs fixed in 6.3 train or bugs associated with older codes.

At anytime i would suggest you to go with 6.3(5) as Cisco has declared it to be a stable code in its train.

Yes, even though you might had enough memory on your pix but still an honest opinion would be not to go for 7.0 code as it is a new release from Cisco. I would suggest you to wait for a GD release in 7.0 train. Most people upgrade to 7.0 as it has many additional features with 6.3(X) or older codes don't have... for example advanced web-based threat inspection and mitigation services, new/updated inspection engines (FTP, ESMTP, GTP/GPRS, H.323, SIP, SCCP, MGCP, ICMP, SunRPC/NIS+), L2 transparent firewalling, security contexts (virtual firewalls), VPN client security posture validation, active/active failover, IPSec stateful failover, IPv6 support, PIM Sparse Mode multicast support, QoS support, SSHv2 support, and much more.

There are over 50 additional feature 7.0 brings along with its release but as mentioned by you that you are not looking for additional features then 6.3(5) would be good for you.

Bug toolkit for Pix is:

Bug information is completely internal and confidential to Cisco except few which are very common and can be found on cisco website with its solution/fix.

Rahul Pathania,

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Re: Should I upgrade or not?

Thanks so much for the response!

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Re: Should I upgrade or not?

I'd also agree that you go to 6.3(5). Already a stable 'GD' release with many minor bug fixes in it.

As regards v 7.0, it may be the way forward, but to be honest I find that few people use a lot of the new features.

Also, as regards Bugs, the best resource for me is the Release Notes for the PIX OS in question. You can then cross refernce these with the Bug Toolkit as necessary.

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